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A unique Slots Simulator that has the features you'd expect to find in a Slots game with one big difference - you can create your own reels, backgrounds and themes to play using your own photographs. Photos you've taken with your digital camera can become Reels in just a few minutes. You can share your creations with others here on the web site, in fact we encourage you to create and share Reels with other players to help grow the Picture Slots community.


Creating reels, backgrounds or themes with your own photographs is a great way to share your pictures with friends and family, or promote your work if you're a Professional Photographer or Model. Picture Slots is the first Slot Machine in the world that allows you to create your own Reels (no matter the what others tell you).

See a Screen Shot of Picture Slots.

Have you ever wondered how a slot machine works? Read this article, it's very interesting.

5 Stars Awarded

Image Picture Slots was awarded '5 Stars' at FileBuzz after their reviewer looked at it. I had a look at other Slot Machines on their site and found that Picture Slots is the only one with '5 Stars'. Thanks guys.

ImageAnother 5 Star Award from File Heap just arrived, thanks heaps guys - I appreciate it. You know what? I never get tired of getting good awards, particularly the highest award you can get. It kind of makes the 18 months of development worth while.

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Warning: Password Protected Reels may contain artistic nudity.

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting - "@##% what a ride!!!!".

The 'Big Picture' wins 10,000 Credits

Every Reel contains one big picture sliced up into little bits and is displayed when you first load a Reel. The idea is to get all the bits in the right place again to reveal the 'Big Picture' and win the 10,000 Credits - pretty hard to do. We should point out that as far as we know, nobody has managed to get the "Big Picture" yet.

Advertising Budget

We have an advertising budget of zero dollars, that's right 0, zilch, nil, none. So, we rely on you the game players to tell their friends about Picture Slots. Help us to spread the word, and the word is that there is a new generation of Slot Machines on the market.

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