Building A Reel Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial demonstrating how to create a Reel for Picture Slots 4.x. If you have not already downloaded version 4.x of Picture Slots - get it now.

Before you begin creating a Reel you should copy all the pictures you want to use into a single folder. You can use images from seperate folders if you want, but you have to put them into the Set Builder one at a time, whereas if you copy them into one folder you can do nearly all of them at once.

You should also ensure that the images are the correct dimensions, that is 113 pixels wide by 125 pixels high for the single cells and 565 wide by 375 high for the Big Picture. These dimensions mean that the single cells are "Portrait" style (taller than they are wide) and the Big Picture is "Landscape" style (wider than it is tall). If you are going to make a theme then you must make certain the Background Image is 1024 x 768 pixels.

The Big Picture is roughly the same dimensions as a standard 6 x 4 inch photographic print. You will need 8 single cells and 1 big picture.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake people make when building a Reel is that they use images that are not the right dimensions. If you took a photo that is "Landscape" style and use it as a single cell the image will be distorted because the Set Builder shrinks it down to "Portrait" style. If you make sure your pictures are oriented correctly before you begin, life will be easier for you.

Although the Set Builder will resize down to the correct sizes, ie 113 x 125 etc, it is much faster if you resize them yourself. And if you don't have the correct proportions they will squashed up.


The process for creating a Theme Pack is much the same as it is for creating a Reel. The only real differance is that you also add a background (1024 x 768) which has been created using the templates available from this web site. When creating a Theme Pack you can also change the "Free" and "Wild" symbols.


When creating new backgrounds, or using existing pictures as a background it is important that the image be at least 1024 x 768 pixels (Wide x High). If it is smaller then Picture Slots will stretch the image to fit the screen which makes it look like crap. Never use small images as background please!

Let's Get Started

Ok, you have resized your images and put them into a single folder. Now, load the "Set Builder" which was installed with Picture Slots and can be found on your "Start | All Programs | Picture Slots" menu. The screenshot below shows you what you will see next.
Now, clicik on "New Set" which tells the Set Builder to clear all image slots and prepare to receive pictures. Then click the "Open 8 Singles" button to display the file open dialog box. If you are creating a Theme look at the image after this one.


If you are going to create a Theme for Picture Slots turn on the "Make a Theme Pack" option. Doing this will cause a few new options to appear. We wont go into those options here, but the general operation of them is the same as other options which open pictures.


If you are opening 8 singles at once you can click on each of them while holding down your "Alt" key. Holding down the "Alt" key allows you to select more than one object at a time. Click the "Open" button to load the images into the Set Builder. If you are doing 1 at a time you will have to do this 8 times.


Now, you are ready to load the "Big Picture". Click the "Open Big Picture" button and select the Big Picture you want to add and click the "Open" button. Once loaded the image is will be sized and split into 15 smaller bits. If the image you have selected has not been sized correctly beforehand this process can take a few minutes.



Now that the picture has been broken down you are ready to save your newly created Reel. So, click the "Save" button to begin the saving process as shown below.


Warning - If you DO NOT want your Reel uploaded to our web site to be shared with others turn off the option "Auto Upload to share with other players". When you turn that off some of the fields become optional, meaning you do not have to fill them in. If you are going to upload you must fill in feilds such as your E-mail address so that we can confirm who has donated the Reel. We need to know who you are incase there is some form of copyright violation. It is important that you only share Reels which contain images you own.


Saving is easy, fill in the information required and click the "Save" button. The Set Builder will save the Reel and launch the Reel Installation program so that you can play the Reel you have just created.