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Please, if you find a bug or problem let me know because I don't know if people don't tell me!

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To install Picture Slots, save the downloaded file into a folder of your choice. The installation process only takes a few seconds and you shouldn't need to modify any of the installation options.

Picture Slots runs on Windows 98, 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISTA.


Picture Slots Features

  1. * 3 Rows and 5 Columns to play
  2. * Free Games Feature
  3. * Create your own reels
  4. * Create your own backgrounds
  5. * Create your own themes
  6. * Password protect reels
  7. * Gamble your winnings
  8. * Calculates average win per spin
  9. * All Reels are encrypted
  10. * Play 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines at once
  11. * Pays left to right and diagonally
  12. * Reels contain information about the creator including E-mail and Web Links
  13. * Auto Spin feature so you can start spinning and walk away
  14. * Individual user names & passwords so the entire family can play their own
  15. * You can turn off the sound if you want to play in silence
  16. * Turn off the Free Games feature to make winning a bit harder
  17. * Turn off the Wild function and the Free Games feature makes winning really hard
  18. * Share your Reels, Background and Theme creations on our website
  19. * Has a "Boss" key - press the "H" on your keyboard to hide it from the boss quickly
  20. * Retails for less than $10