24 Reels
Reels are the Spindles containing images which spin at random producing your winning combinations.  You can create your own Reels and share them here or download a Reel created by other players.
17 Backgrounds
Backgrounds change the way Picture Slots looks.  A Background is nothing more than a jpeg image displayed behind the Reels.  You can download Background Templates from the "Templates" category if you wish to create your own Backgrounds.
13 Themes
A Theme is both a Reel and Background designed to compliment each other. I am working on allowing Theme creators to customize the buttons and sounds within Picture Slots making it a truly unique game. Consider creating a Theme on your favorite subject and sharing it with others. A special thank you to Steve Fink for the "Theme" idea and all his help getting them to work - and the Themes he has built.
3 Templates
Templates are the starting point when building a Background for Picture Slots.  The Templates are in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, and JPEG format.  The same Templates can be used when creating Themes.